"Cycling and recovering from the Teufelsmoor to the Wadden Sea". Our hotel is bed + bike adfc excellent!

Region & cycling

Take the power and the beauty of the landscape. Explore the region on extensive bicycle routes with your own bike. The bike path "Vom Teufelsmoor zum Wattenmeer (from the Devil's Moor to the Wadden Sea)" is located in the immediate vicinity of our hotel.


We care much about our biking guests, so we consider ourselves proud and happy about the award, "bicycle-friendly guest house", that has been awarded from "bett+bike (adfc).

Our rich delicious, rich in carbohydrates and vitamins breakfast buffet is especially suitable for athletes and recreational cyclists. During your stay we provide for your bike a free, lockable garage.

Tips on destinations and recommended tours, we like to give on request; appropriate maps can also be viewed.
Minor technical problems on your bicycle can be solved locally. For major repairs a nearby bicycle shop is able to solve your problems.

Moorexpress train

Canoe ride on the river Hamme

Canoe ride

Not only for cyclists is our country a popular tourist destination. Also canoeing on the river Hamme and relaxing nature walks in the picturesque countryside through broad wetland, woodland, heath and geest areas offer a nice change. Rested and well nourished, our house is by the good location an ideal starting point for numerous day trips. Guided tours and walks through on the "environment and prehistoric way in the Seemoor" in Holste, show the early settlement history on the sandy heathland. In Ströhe you get in the museum complex " Moorkate" an impression in the privation of life of bog farmers..
Bett + Bike adfc



Tips for travel destinations and recommended tours are available on request; corresponding maps can also be viewed.
Even minor technical problems on your bike can be solved on site. For this purpose we provide appropriate tools if required. For larger repairs is a nearby bicycle shop with advice and practical help.

Nearby - Bremen

Bremen and Bremerhaven are only 30 minutes away by car from our hotel.

Discover the sights of the Hanseatic city of Bremen:
The market square with a historical backdrop - the "Gute Stube" - with the town hall and the Roland, which together belong to the UNESCO World Heritage and the Bremen Town Musicians. In the Schnoor quarter, in Bremen's oldest quarter, with small and narrow half-timbered houses, in the narrow streets are many small shops, crafts and cafes and restaurants that invite you to feast and stroll. As well as directly on the Weser in the city center the Weser promenade Schlachte.
The Böttcherstraße with the unique construction - a Gesamtkunstwerk - today with museums and shops. On a boat tour you can go on a voyage of discovery in Bremen's harbor history. Discover Germany's oldest artificial harbor in Vegesack or explore the new harbor areas in the constantly developing Überseestadt. Visit the exhibitions in the Bremen museums like the Überseemuseum or the Universum Science Center and the Kunsthalle ....

Every year Bremen also has the Vegesack Harbor Festival (June), many open-air festivals on the weekends in summer, the Bremen Music Festival (September), the Freimarkt (October) and of course the atmospheric Christmas Market in December.


Bremerhaven impresses with the Havenwelten: Klimahaus, German Emigration Center, German Maritime Museum and the Zoo at the sea.
The open-air museum in the museum harbor and many other museums, such as the Historical Museum will inspire you. Discover the impressive and modern harbor architecture with the double-decker bus.
You will also find initial suggestions in our information folder in your hotel room. or the glass roof ships, which bring you close to the harbor life with its huge ships, car transhipment points, docks and shipyards. Or explore the scenic landscape from the water on a Weser ride from Bremerhaven to Bremen.
In Mediterraneo you can experience holiday shopping as in the south in the authentic ambience of a Mediterranean city center. You can take the boat from Bremerhaven from the Seebäderkaje to Heligoland, Germany's only offshore island.

From the nearby North Sea coast in the North Sea resort Cuxhaven you can also start to Helgoland or enjoy the North Sea air at the finest beach. A special experience is from there also a mudflat hike or a Wattwagenfahrt with horses to the island Neuwerk.

There is much to discover and to experience. We are happy to help you with your personal travel planning.
If you have special requests, please contact us.

Organization of Torfkahn-, Kremserfahrten, Moorführungen, guides to
the cranes ...

You will also find initial suggestions in our information folder in your hotel room.